Tom Palmer's interview at CNBC Africa with Alec Hogg's excellent editorial (video and transcript)

Julius Malema’s EFF is well named – policies FIGHT economic freedom, would destroy SA economy





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All that evil requires to flourish is for good men to stand by and do nothing. Ignorance has the same consequence, blossoming when

Tom Palmer: SA under Malema would be like revisiting China's disastrous Great Leap Forward - famine, starvation and ruination.

Tom Palmer: SA under a President Julius Malema would be like revisiting China’s disastrous Great Leap Forward – famine, starvation, ruination

illogical prattle is propagated without challenge. Which seems to be happened right now with former ANC Youth League Leader Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters political party. As Germany did to its eternal cost with Adolf Hitler, when his Nazi’s were gathering momentum, the educated folk wrote him off as a joke unworthy of dignifying with discussion. How different history might have been had the warped ideals of “Mein Kampf” been tackled rationally and methodically rather than ignored. In that vein, the Free Market Foundation invited historian, author and thinker Tom Palmer to South Africa for a rational assessment of the economic policies advanced by Malema’s fledgling organisation. He came to the CNBC studios for discussion on Power Lunch. His conclusions, backed by historical fact, make chilling reading for anyone contemplating life in South Africa under a President Malema. Starvation, wretchedness, ruination. Russia of the Stalin Age; China during the Great Leap Forward. Here’s the interview. Please circulate widely. – AH 

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