Welcome to the new FMF Website

Welcome to the new and improved FMF website, created especially for you!

At the Free Market Foundation we believe that knowledge and opinion should be something that flows freely and encourages debate and solution-seeking. With that in mind we have redesigned and modernised our website to allow us to publish multimedia content and to allow for comment and feedback on the articles we post. 

New Features:

  • Clean and simple design. Easy to read and navigate
  • Improved speed on local cloud servers kindly hosted by Afrihost in support of the FMF
  • The ability to comment on all our posts including articles, videos and audio – share your opinion with the FMF online community and hear those of others. Create a profile on the site or sign on with your Facebook or Twitter ID.
  • Our new 200Club created especially for individual members . This is a very exciting new initiative from the FMF
  • More audio and video for a greater interactive experience
  • Stronger and more dynamic integration into social media
  • Great books in our publications section for you to read on our online PDF viewer without needing to download them.
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