Worker Shortages in USA Highest since 1970s

Worker shortages are being felt in all industries and regions of the U.S., according to the latest report by Manpower Inc., the temporary-staffing firm. The company's president, Jeffrey
Joerres, says the constriction "isn't plateauing" and is "continuing to constrict" employers' growth plans.

The level of hiring activity in recent quarters is at a rate "unsurpassed since the late 1970s," he says.

  • In the latest survey of 16,000 employers, 32 percent said they needed to hire additional staff – compared with 29 percent a year ago.

  • The proportion who expect to cut their personnel remained at 6 percent.

  • The survey found 58 percent planning no change in staffing levels – compared to 61 percent a year ago.

  • Hiring is strongest in the western states – which have led the nation in new jobs for four consecutive quarters.

    Source: James P. Miller, "Worker Shortage Stays Widespread, Hiring Study Says," Wall Street Journal, February 28, 2000.

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