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SA can learn from Uganda’s dire history of expropriation without compensation

 14 Jan 19
The South African government has signalled its intention to pursue a policy of expropriation without compensation, based in part on the narrative that the minority continues to control and own vast swathes of property to the exclusion of the black ma…

Right to compensation central to protecting human rights

 09 Jan 19
Government’s push to water down the constitutional protection for property rights in South Africa by amending the Constitution should shock everyone of whatever race or socio-economic background.…

Media release: Khaya Lam Land Reform Project has effected over 3,000 title deeds since project inception

17 Oct 18   FMF Media Release
The Free Market Foundation’s (FMF) Khaya Lam Land Reform Project announced today that 3,059 title deeds to their homes have been presented to recipients since the project began in 2013, at no cost to the new title owners.…