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The stubborn allure of socialism despite its abject failures

 01 Jan 20
The almost simultaneous implosion of socialist and communist systems throughout the world is arguably the single most significant political event of the twentieth century.…

The benefits of informal housing

 25 Dec 19
There is an assumption on the part of urban central planners that informal housing projects are static slums. This is not true.…

The State wants to take your house and pay you nothing

18 Dec 19   Mark Oppenheimer
At a time when South Africa’s economy is flatlining and Eskom is failing, Government has proposed an amendment to the Bill of Rights, which will allow it to confiscate people’s homes without compensation.…

Media release: Government is intent on destroying private health insurance to pave the way for its NHI scheme

10 Dec 19  
With last week’s announcement by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) that no Low-Cost Benefit Options (LCBO) will be allowed for low-income consumers and no health insurance products will be allowed beyond March 2021, South Africans are another ste…

Liberty is the source of human progress

04 Dec 19   Temba A Nolutshungu
Promoting his seminal book, South Africa’s war against Capitalism, the economist Professor Walter Williams averred that “The solution to South Africa’s problems is not special programmes, it’s not affirmative action, it’s not handouts, and it’s not w…

Media release: National Health Insurance is catastrophic for SA’s healthcare and economy

21 Nov 19  
The latest iteration of National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill was gazetted on 26 July 2019 and is open for public comment. It’s a depressing sense of déjà vu.…

Teacher entrepreneurs could rescue South African schools

13 Nov 19   Eustace Davie
US economist Thomas Sowell provided an important insight into education when he said: “It is not simply what education teaches us directly, but how well it prepares us to learn ourselves that is the ultimate measure of its value.”…

Venezuela Is an Irrefutable Indictment of Socialist Ideology

13 Nov 19   Temba A Nolutshungu
It is most astonishing that even as the Venezuelan crisis unfolds on TV screens across the world, the orientation of governance in the United States is in danger of degenerating into the same socialist experimentation that has brought such suffering…

Media release: Are ACSA Board directors liable under the Companies Act 2011?

07 Oct 19  
Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) directors should reread the personal liability sections in S45 in the Companies Act 2008 (the Act) before extending any further largesse to SA Express Airways (SAX).…

Media release: Did SA Express finally face financial reality or did government blink?

03 Sep 19   FMF Media Release
Did government blink in the face of SAX demands? It had been reported that, finally, there was a voice of reason within government regarding public funding for failed state-owned enterprises (SOEs).…

Education entrepreneurs could upgrade South Africa’s schooling

22 Aug 19   Eustace Davie
Economist Thomas Sowell said: “It is not what education teaches us directly, but how well it prepares us to learn ourselves that is the ultimate measure of its value”.…

The NHI wrecking ball entrenches SA’s terminal illness

08 Aug 19  
The latest iteration of the NHI Bill has confirmed what South Africans have known for more than a decade: that taxes will need to rise to fund the government’s unworkable and unfeasible NHI scheme.…

SONA: Big (pipe)dreams, no detail

21 Jun 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on 20 June.…

Cuba is no example to follow

22 May 19   James Peron
Venezuela is proof of the miraculous impact of socialism. They took a prosperous nation and destroyed it almost overnight. That’s a problem for that other socialist paradise—Cuba…

Cut spending and corruption, or get used to tax shortfalls

08 Apr 19   Martin van Staden
The South African Revenue Service is again moaning about its latest shortfall in tax collection. It collected R1.28 trillion instead of the projected R1.3 trillion – a difference of about R20 billion.…