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High hopes for compulsory contribution health care

 31 Aug 20
In April, the U.S. state of Massachusetts agreed on a health care plan that would provide private medical insurance coverage to almost everyone in the state. Basically, Massachusetts citizens will be required to purchase private health insurance, or they will be taxed to pay for it, much like mandatory auto insurance…

Cash compensation to organ donors: a sensitive issue

 14 Aug 20
In the more than 50 years since the first successful organ transplant, hundreds of thousands of patients have had their lives extended because of organ donations. Yet despite decades of campaigns to persuade Americans to donate organs after they die, the demand increasingly exceeds the supply, says USA Today. It is…

Working in our ailing public healthcare system

22 Jun 20  
After an interesting conversation I had with a stranger recently, I decided to take his advice and put my thoughts and feelings down on paper. After mulling over a few topic ideas it soon became obvious what I wanted to talk about. The hard part was to choose the angle…

Three U.S. states introduce personal health accounts as part of government’s Medicaid scheme

11 May 20  
The Oklahoma Legislature is working to create personal health accounts (PHAs) for Medicaid enrolees. Is the United States on the verge of consumer revolution in health care, ask Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Regina Herzlinger, Harvard Business School professor and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute? It is too soon to…

Number of clinical trials declining

11 May 20  
The number of pharmaceutical industry-sponsored clinical trials has been declining since 2002, and the number of principal investigators running trials in the United States has been falling even faster, according to a study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. Using information from forms submitted to Food and…

Researchers find no link between income inequality and health and

15 Apr 20  
New research refutes claims that overall health in a society is negatively affected by inequality of incomes, according to the British Medical Journal. Not to be confused with the well-established findings that higher income is associated with relatively better health and greater longevity, inequality refers to the share of the…

Cyber Healthcare Offers Big Savings

15 Apr 20  
In the USA new companies offering cash-only medical services on the Internet are targeting consumers who want to take control of their healthcare. Two of these start-ups are and, which offer Web-surfers discounts on medical services. These medical locator sites are based on the premise that the Internet’s borderless…

Freeing the drug market

15 Apr 20  
Returning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to its original mandate is an easy way to reduce drug prices without undermining innovation in the industry, says David Gratzer, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Since the 1960s the FDA has required that drugs be tested not only for safety…

Towards quality healthcare for all

15 Apr 20   Eustace Davie
Everyone in SA would like to see the entire population healthy, well nourished, well clothed, well educated, living in nice houses and with all adults earning above-average incomes. Life would be much more pleasant for every one of us. Those who believe that general affluence is impossible and likely to…

Populations exposed to malaria suffer in silence

14 Apr 20   Jasson Urbach
DDT, one of the most studied insecticides, has again come under attack. In May 2009, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) published The Pine River Statement: Human Health Consequences of DDT Use. This Statement, authored by 15 scientists from the US and SA, summarises information on the health risks of DDT use…