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Steps the government can take to help the economy survive Covid-19

 30 Mar 20
Discard outdated rules and lift the burden on small businesses and on people who need medication…

Freer markets generate prosperity, especially for the poor

 16 Aug 19
Amid rising unemployment, the Congress of South African Trade Unions has called on the government to amend the Labour Relations Act to make it more difficult for employers to retrench workers.…

First time in history – more than 10 million unemployed

07 Aug 19   Chris Hattingh
You cannot legislate people out of poverty. You cannot regulate jobs into existence.…

Workers’ Day means nothing to many people – a consequence of SA’s laws

10 May 19   Chris Hattingh
May 1 marked the latest iteration of Workers’ Day, a yearly public holiday in South Africa.…

The idea that labour and capital have divergent interests is wrong

02 Apr 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
You cannot produce anything without capital.…