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Gordhan vs Mboweni: The stage is set for the ultimate political showdown

 01 Jul 20
The plan, however, is more of a pipe dream than anything else. The political drama about to unfold would be majestic to behold if it were playing out on television. Unfortunately, this is all but fiction.…

Business rescue: Politicians must familiarise themselves with the law

 19 Feb 20
Certain senior politicians seem to have a misapprehension of how business rescue works in South Africa, particularly as it regards the situation at South African Airways (SAA).…

A new airline could fly past SAA’s many dead ends

20 Nov 19   Terry Markman
The SAA and SA Express boards have failed consistently, but there is a solution, one that will end taxpayer bailouts, satisfy politicians’ desire to keep the flag flying and even retain our national pride. But it will take courage and political will.…