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Media release: 2019 Budget is “budget as usual” – except for the calamitous debt

 22 Feb 19
The biggest bang in the 2019 Budget is the absence of any big bang.…

Media release: Mini budget – Zuma fiddled while South Africa burned!

 25 Oct 18
Tito Mboweni had the unenviable task of presenting a budget that was the consequence of the maladministration of the Zuma era with a Treasury running out of cash and a government leaking like a sinking ship.…

Media release: Braking [sic] News: Ex Finance Minister Nene’s shelved medium-term budget leaked to FMF

22 Oct 18   FMF Media Release
A copy of ex Finance Minister Nene’s proposed Medium Term Budget (MTB) has been leaked to various organisations in the interest of the public’s right to know.…