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The fundamental reason for belief in socialism

 04 Dec 18
Here is a simple question that will tell you whether you believe in capitalism, communism or socialism.…

Who invented the term ‘capitalism’ and why

 26 Nov 18
The economic system known as “capitalism” is the only system that guarantees every individual their personal liberty.…

South Africans need a radical solution: capitalism

13 Nov 18   Chris Hattingh
Collectivism, in all its forms, has been tried, and has failed, all around the world. It will never work even if different people are put in charge.…

Apple and value creation

04 Sep 18   Chris Hattingh
Ann Crotty, in the Financial Mail (The price we pay for Apple’s greed, 16/08/2018) paints Apple as a blight upon our civilization, an entity that only takes and gives nothing in return.…

Capitalism is the only moral economic system ever to grace the world

07 Aug 18   Chris Hattingh
Capitalism is the only moral economic system to grace the world. It is the only moral system because it is based on individual rights and freedoms.…