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Media release: State-owned airline SA Express breaks the law in refusing to answer FMF PAIA request

 09 Jul 19
State-owned airline South African Express (SAX) is in breach of the law and has shown itself to be unwilling to be a productive part of our constitutional democracy by failing to respond to a PAIA request made under the Promotion of Access to Informa…

Finance bill delegates huge legislative power to unelected people

 07 May 19
The Treasury wants parliament to give up large swathes of its lawmaking power in favour of a handful of unelected appointees.…

Media release: Mini budget – Zuma fiddled while South Africa burned!

25 Oct 18   FMF Media Release
Tito Mboweni had the unenviable task of presenting a budget that was the consequence of the maladministration of the Zuma era with a Treasury running out of cash and a government leaking like a sinking ship.…