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Unviable scheme has potential to wreck country’s fragile economy

 05 Mar 19
Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, has accused the Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) of “fear-mongering” and attempting to sabotage the implementation of government’s National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme.…

The Eskom of healthcare

 04 Mar 19
Election season is here and this past week we have heard about the ruling party’s grandiose National Health Insurance (NHI) proposal and its new springboard, the report by the Presidency on last year’s Presidential Health Summit.…

Looming NHI disaster would dwarf Eskom

04 Mar 19   Dr Johann Serfontein
As much as the country is currently focused on the crisis in Eskom, the nation seems to have lost sight of the looming NHI Fund, which will be twice the size of the failing power utility in financial terms.…

Private sector is best hope to train new doctors, nurses

12 Dec 18   Jasson Urbach
The South Africa-Cuba medical doctor programme has been a catastrophic failure, yet the South African government continues to send medical students to the despotic island nation and to place Cuban trained doctors in South African hospitals and clinic…

International think tank policy dialogue on health, trade and innovation

03 Oct 18   Jasson Urbach
On 25 September think tank leaders from across the globe met in Bogota, Colombia to provide their perspectives on the policies and institutions required to promote and foster innovation in developing countries.…

Die NGV en die aanslag op ons Vryheid

30 Aug 18   Chris Hattingh
Hoe meer mag die staat het, hoe minder vryheid het die individu. Een van die grootste aanvalle nog op individuele vryheid kom in die vorm van die Nasionale Gesondheidsversekering (NGV).…

Media release: HMI report says nothing new but careful timing supports Motsoaledi’s contentious NHI Bill

28 Aug 18   FMF Media Release
The preliminary findings of the Competition Commission’s Health Market Inquiry (HMI) into the private healthcare sector, the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill and the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill have all been published for public comment.…

Alternatives to the NHI

24 Aug 18   Jasson Urbach
The Department of Health’s Dr Anban Pillay has slammed the Free Market Foundation (FMF) for criticising the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill and has requested that we submit reasons why we believe the government’s proposed NHI scheme will not wor…

An unintended, but serious consequence of government’s drive to introduce NHI is that young adults and families will be hit the hardest

22 Aug 18   Jasson Urbach
A unintended, but serious consequence of government’s drive to introduce NHI is that young adults and families will be hit the hardest.…

Funding figures vital for assessing the viability of NHI

24 Jul 18   Dr Johann Serfontein
Despite Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi not wanting to commit to even a rough estimate of costs of the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, the failure thereof will be funding.…

Media release: Health insurance disappears for South Africans

23 Apr 18   FMF Media Release
The FMF is concerned that too few people are aware of and / or understand the implications of the demarcation regulations in the healthcare insurance market that came into effect from 1 April 2017 and which have a dramatic effect on how consumers pay…

Media release: Consumers need to understand that medical insurance is changing – for worse

26 Mar 18   FMF Media Release
Insurance is a grudge purchase – a necessary expenditure most of us do not willingly make.…