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Lessons from Venezuela: Implosion started with land grabs

07 May 20   Andrés F. Guevara B.
Lessons from Venezuela: Implosion started with land grabs…

South Africa considers legislation that would allow the state to seize any citizen’s property

06 Apr 20   Chris Hattingh
South Africa considers legislation that would allow the state to seize any citizen’s property…

Bantustan Act threatens hard-won property rights for rural dwellers

17 Jan 20   Zakhele Mthembu
Once again, traditional leadership in South Africa is being tested as the proposed legislation seeks to perpetuate rural dwellers’ insecurity of land rights.…

Expropriation without compensation will kill SA’s investment potential

06 Jan 20   Jacques Jonker
Land expropriation without compensation is the perfect recipe for economic disaster.…

Expropriation amendment harkens back to apartheid legal thinking

21 Oct 19   Martin van Staden
South Africans are overwhelmingly focused on the Zondo commission of inquiry into allegations of corruption during the scandalous presidency of Jacob Zuma.…

Without strong property rights, an African free trade area is meaningless

President Cyril Ramaphosa is getting more vocal about his support for the new African Continental Free Trade Area.…

Strong property rights are vital for economic growth

04 Oct 19   Chris Hattingh
Expropriation without compensation hangs over the South African economy, with Parliament in the process of drafting an ill-considered amendment to our Constitution.…

The unreasonableness of expropriation without compensation

02 Oct 19   Martin van Staden
The Rule of Law principle at the heart of South Africa’s constitutional dispensation is there to prohibit arbitrariness from government and demand reasonableness.…

LETTER: Property rights must be safe from political whims

09 Sep 19   Chris Hattingh
Former president Kgalema Motlanthe was right on the money when he warned of the massive harm that would be caused if property rights aren’t protected in SA. Speaking in Pretoria, Motlanthe said: “If property is not protected you destroy value, and if…

Expropriation without compensation a death knell for SA’s economic prospects

03 Sep 19  
How many people in South Africa use their property to run a business, to make some sort of a living for themselves and their families?…

Constitution errs in tipping the scales in favour of expropriation

02 Aug 19   Rex van Schalkwyk
The rule of law is the law of laws. Although the constitution gives explicit recognition to the rule of law, it has a separate authority that emphasises the primacy of individual liberty, as well as the right to private property.…

Why property rights are pro-poor

26 Jul 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
What is the cause of poverty? And what would be the solution?…