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Deregulating the economy: A matter of urgency

 20 Mar 19
Small business is widely acknowledged as the engine of economic growth in both developing and developed economies.…

Innocent small business owners targeted in Newcastle

 01 Mar 19
Imagine for a moment that after a herculean effort raising capital you are able to start a business.…

A free society is an armed society

20 Feb 19   Martin van Staden
Section 12 of the Constitution guarantees everyone’s right to freedom and security of the person…

Regulating Airbnb encourages anti-competitive behaviour

04 Oct 18   Chris Hattingh
The Tourism Business Council of SA (TBCSA) has called on government to regulate Airbnb in South Africa.…

Media release: Young people and families hit hardest by gap cover limitations

29 May 18   FMF Media Release
An unintended, but serious consequence of government’s drive to introduce NHI is that young adults and families will be hit the hardest.…

The empire of medical schemes

15 May 18   Robert W Vivian
In recent days, many consumers, no doubt, have been receiving strange letters from their insurance brokers telling them that as a consequence of “demarcation regulations” which come into operation this year, the cover provided by certain medical expe…

The empire of the competition regime

15 May 18   Robert W Vivian
In the Common Law-Supreme Court framework, there is one law for the whole country crafted over centuries by the Supreme Court.…