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Is multilingualism the silver bullet?

 02 Jan 19
The Apartheid government’s Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974 forced black schools to integrate Afrikaans as a language of instruction.…

Die tirannie van politieke korrektheid

 27 Jul 18
Vryheid van uitdrukking en individuele vryheid in die algemeen is voorvereistes vir 'n vrye, oop en gelyke samelewing soos beloof in die Grondwet, maar hierdie vryheid is altyd in 'n moeilike posisie in enige samelewing, veral in Suid-Afrika.…

Media release: Subdivision and land use laws hinder land reform and are unconstitutional

23 Jul 18   FMF Media Release
Research conducted by the Rule of Law Project has found that two Acts of Parliament dealing with land use are unconstitutional and are proving to be barriers to effective land reform.…

Lessons from Air India

21 May 18   Chris Hattingh
At the end of March, it was revealed that Air India’s employees would be given stock options after the airline is privatised.…

HISTORY SERIES: FMF marches in support of informal business

14 May 18  
The ghost of Hendrik Verwoerd must be walking through Sandton with a broad grin on his face, says Leon Louw, of the Free Market Foundation and the Informal Business Forum.…

Political correctness is supposed to protect me, but I reject its censorship

10 May 18   Temba A Nolutshungu
Freedom of expression and individual liberty are prerequisites for a free, open and equal society as promised in the constitution, yet this freedom is always in a precarious position in any society, especially in South Africa. It requires eternal vig…