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Business rescue: Politicians must familiarise themselves with the law

 19 Feb 20
Certain senior politicians seem to have a misapprehension of how business rescue works in South Africa, particularly as it regards the situation at South African Airways (SAA).…

Production and savings are what drives an economy

 05 Feb 20
The South African economy is facing a savings crisis. Citizens cannot afford to save enough money to drive the necessary capital generation for investment because of the suffocating effects of the government’s economic policies, such as high tax rate…

Eskom’s troubles laid bare

31 Jan 20   Jacques Jonker
Eskom is in trouble. It is drowning in debt and cannot meet the demand for electricity.…

Expropriation without compensation will kill SA’s investment potential

06 Jan 20   Jacques Jonker
Land expropriation without compensation is the perfect recipe for economic disaster.…