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The basic conditions which all markets need to succeed

 14 Feb 20
Planning is what every person does daily. There is no exception: even informal living and trading areas, and taxi ranks are planned.…

The benefits of informal housing

 25 Dec 19
There is an assumption on the part of urban central planners that informal housing projects are static slums. This is not true.…

Prosperity and tolerance

11 Sep 19   James Peron
Of late I’ve seen more discussion on the idea that slavery made America prosperous.…

Population bugaboo

25 Jul 19   James Peron
The Population Media Center is pushing the overpopulation panic again—that’s so 1960s! They proclaim, “If somebody tries to tell you that population growth is ‘slowing down’, ask them to explain the graphic on the left.”…

Call for higher taxes is misguided

03 Jul 19   James Peron
A small group of naïve billionaires in the United States are lining up begging for higher taxes on the super rich.…

Cuba is no example to follow

22 May 19   James Peron
Venezuela is proof of the miraculous impact of socialism. They took a prosperous nation and destroyed it almost overnight. That’s a problem for that other socialist paradise—Cuba…

Expropriation without compensation will not help its intended beneficiaries

02 May 19   James Peron
The entire land confiscation project is a disaster that will not help the people it is meant to help.…

Expropriation without compensation sends a clear message

26 Apr 19   James Peron
Call it what you want: economic justice, expropriation without compensation, helping the poor, but the reality is most of the world will sum it up in one word – theft.…

Zimbabwe land lessons for SA

13 Mar 19   James Peron
American sportsman Yogi Berra was known for his quirky turns of phrase. One of his most famous was, "It's like déjà vu all over again."…