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Opinion: Nationalising healthcare to save lives in SA, a disastrous consideration

30 Apr 20   Jasson Urbach
Opinion: Nationalising healthcare to save lives in SA, a disastrous consideration…

Scrapping private health cover a violation of bill of rights

20 Apr 20   Jasson Urbach
Scrapping private health cover a violation of bill of rights…

Give Hope to SA’s Unemployed

14 Apr 20   Jasson Urbach
A wage subsidy has once again been proposed as a possible means to alleviate South Africa’s chronic battle with unemployment. The call, this time, comes from a group of world-renowned Harvard University economists. The SA Treasury had proposed a general wage subsidy for all low-income earners. The Harvard group deviates slightly…

Populations exposed to malaria suffer in silence

14 Apr 20   Jasson Urbach
DDT, one of the most studied insecticides, has again come under attack. In May 2009, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) published The Pine River Statement: Human Health Consequences of DDT Use. This Statement, authored by 15 scientists from the US and SA, summarises information on the health risks of DDT use…

Steps the government can take to help the economy survive Covid-19

30 Mar 20   Jasson Urbach
Discard outdated rules and lift the burden on small businesses and on people who need medication…

Tito Mboweni should cut expenditure and stimulate growth, not raise taxes

06 Mar 20   Jasson Urbach
Finance minister Tito Mboweni has called on South Africans to provide advice on how to get the economy growing again.…

Medical training programmes need overhaul to address doctor shortage

28 Feb 20   Jasson Urbach
The South Africa-Cuba medical doctor training programme has been a catastrophic failure, yet during his State of the Nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa will continue to send medical students to the despotic island n…

We don’t want to die poor: that’s how creatives feel about pending copyright changes

03 Feb 20   Jasson Urbach
An impending move by the US to end some international trade preferences will inflict major damage on SA’s economy and creative industries, including publishing.…

Low-cost healthcare solutions are vital to hit sustainable development goals

03 Oct 19   Jasson Urbach
As UN member states gather in New York for the 74th UN general assembly this week there will be a renewed focus on sustainable development goals (SDGs).…