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The unknowns of National Health Insurance are exactly what we should be afraid of

 11 Mar 20
It was India’s late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who once said, “Beware of ministers who can do nothing without money, and those who want to do everything with money.”…

Why the NHI is bad medice for South Africa

 14 Feb 20
That there is a need to improve healthcare outcomes in South Africa is entirely obvious. Given the horrendous statistics I have shared above, there is tremendous urgency to do so.…

Removal of low-cost health plans prejudices low income workers

17 Dec 19   Michael Settas
Last week the Council for Medical Schemes published Circular 80 of 2019, which bans low cost benefit options.…

How other countries manage universal health coverage

05 Dec 19   Michael Settas
The National Health Insurance (NHI) roadshow of public hearings by parliament’s health committee kicked off in KwaZulu-Natal on November 22 and is expected to roll out nationally during early 2020.…

How will the NHI Impact the Private Health Sector?

05 Dec 19   Michael Settas
A short trip down memory lane tells us that when the 1st draft of the Demarcation Regulations (DR) was published in 2012 it effectively banned gap cover products outright – even though gap cover products had already been in existence for around two d…

Pause the NHI, fix the public health sector first

04 Sep 19   Michael Settas
The frenzied reactions to health minister Zweli Mkhize’s new National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill demonstrates that healthcare is an emotive subject for South Africans, with diverse ideologies and often fiercely opposing principles put forward by var…