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Stop government from taking your property

 21 May 19
Speaking at the Goldman Sachs investor conference on Wednesday, President Ramaphosa attempted to address investors’ concerns regarding expropriation of property without compensation (EWC).…

Hope in the midst of the Venezuelan tragedy

 15 Mar 19
Between 2004-2014, the commodity price boom allowed the Venezuelan regime, led by Hugo Chavez, to control and discretionally allocate funds to cronies, buying their consciences.…

Venezuela is a prime example of the human cost of socialism

05 Feb 19   Chris Hattingh
After an election marred by a boycott from the opposition and allegations of vote-rigging, Nicolás Maduro was sworn in for a second term as Venezuelan president.…

SA’s support of Venezuela’s Maduro tramples on the Constitution

30 Jan 19   Martin van Staden
The South African government has thrown its support behind the tyrant Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela in the midst of a constitutional crisis in that country.…

Chavismo: The latest socialist failure

26 Sep 18   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
The tragedy unfolding in Venezuela serves to prove a point long-settled by the failures of communist China, the USSR, Cambodia, Zimbabwe etc.…

Venezuela under the socialism of the 21st century – from prosperity to misfortune

01 Aug 18   Sary Levy-Carciente
The economic collapse in Venezuela, undergone during the last two decades, is due to the presence of the ideological-political project commonly referred to as ‘Socialism of the 21st Century’.…