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Ignore Oxfam’s incessant red herring

 13 Feb 19
Oxfam is at it again. With their latest report we are back to the same old mantra: wealth inequality is on the rise and the only solution is to tax the hell out of the rich.…

Tell Oxfam world on cusp of poverty eradication

 28 Jan 19
Oxfam’s motto is “the power of people against poverty”. You could be forgiven for assuming Oxfam promotes proven policies that lift the poor out of poverty.…

The plight of the poor should be our focus, not inequality

23 Jan 19   Chris Hattingh
According to Oxfam, a new billionaire was created every two days in 2018. What an incredible, remarkable phenomenon.…

Media release: Another year, another phony Oxfam “Inequality” Report

23 Jan 19   FMF Media Release
Oxfam should be renamed Oxscam as they peddle failed ideological propaganda and promote policies that, contrary to their stated goals, maximise poverty and inequality and minimise prosperity.…

A trend that builds a nation

25 Apr 18   Paul Pereira
Two major studies on poverty in South Africa have caused understandable alarums this last year.…