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The benefits of informal housing

 25 Dec 19
There is an assumption on the part of urban central planners that informal housing projects are static slums. This is not true.…

Icasa presents a hackneyed solution to a problem it hasn’t identified

 27 Nov 19
Creating regulations out of vague and indeterminate descriptions.…

Icasa’s pay-TV ‘musts’ make for daft twaddle

16 Oct 19   Leon Louw
The Independent Communications Authority of SA’s (Icasa’s) draft sports broadcasting regulations are such incoherent babble that they should be called “daft regulations”.…

SA mining industry decimated by regulatory uncertainty

10 Oct 19   Eustace Davie
Parliament should review the minerals and mining legislation and regulations as a first step towards having its members meet their obligations under the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution.…

Icasa sports regulations pose a threat to constitutionalism

04 Oct 19   Martin van Staden
Constitutionalists have long cringed at the mention of “public interest” or “national interest” because of their inherent vagueness. Whatever government does or politicians or officials do, is justified as being in the public interest, even though th…

Low-cost healthcare solutions are vital to hit sustainable development goals

03 Oct 19   Jasson Urbach
As UN member states gather in New York for the 74th UN general assembly this week there will be a renewed focus on sustainable development goals (SDGs).…

Legislation by regulation undermines economic freedom

03 Oct 19   Martin van Staden
The recently published Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) annual report demonstrates that economic freedom produces prosperity, something South Africa urgently requires in abundance.…

Media release: TANSTAAFL: Rugby World Cup is the latest No Free Lunch example

20 Sep 19  
“You might forget the rugby, but never forget TANSTAAFL,” Leon Louw, Executive Director of the Free Market Foundation (FMF), reminded South Africans. “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!”…

Mboweni sends the right signal

04 Sep 19   Chris Hattingh
Finance minister Tito Mboweni’s new economic strategy paper is a refreshing, much needed breath of fresh air for an economy struggling for oxygen.…

Limits to economy a danger to political freedom

03 Sep 19   Brian Kantor
Consistent improvements in the economic welfare of the average man and woman have now been sustained for centuries in the Western world.…

Smoke and mirrors on spectrum

17 Jul 19   Chris Hattingh
Access to more data is vital for economic growth and education. Young people spend more and more time on mobile devices - the fewer regulations and the more competition we have in SA, the more they will be enabled to access a whole universe of educat…

Regulator’s tardiness in approving medicines is hurting the industry and patients

02 Jul 19   Jasson Urbach
One of the most frustrating problems that has plagued the SA pharmaceutical landscape for at least the last decade is the inability of the country’s drug regulator to approve medicines timeously.…

After terrible GDP growth numbers, the time has come to abandon fiscal stimulus

06 Jun 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
The latest GDP numbers show that the South African economy declined by 3.2% for the first quarter of 2019.…

Workers’ Day means nothing to many people – a consequence of SA’s laws

10 May 19   Chris Hattingh
May 1 marked the latest iteration of Workers’ Day, a yearly public holiday in South Africa.…

Innocent small business owners targeted in Newcastle

01 Mar 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
Imagine for a moment that after a herculean effort raising capital you are able to start a business.…