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Low business confidence to be expected

 27 Mar 19
That business confidence is at its lowest point in the last two years should not come as a surprise.…

Media release: 2019 Budget is “budget as usual” – except for the calamitous debt

 22 Feb 19
The biggest bang in the 2019 Budget is the absence of any big bang.…

Redistributing wealth is no way to grow the economy

14 Feb 19   Jasson Urbach
Many South Africans and foreign investors are keenly awaiting finance minister Tito Mboweni’s Budget speech on February 20, probably wondering how he plans to balance the national accounts.…

Things are getting worse - but there’s an easy solution

Discovery CEO Adrian Gore mentioned at the recent Leadership Summit that there is an element of “declinism” -- a pessimism about the state of one’s country -- in South Africa, and that it did not accurately represent the situation facing our country.…

Media release: Things are worse than they seem: error in World Bank data sees SA slip further in EFW 2018 rankings

11 Oct 18  
South Africa now ranks 110 out of 162 in the Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) 2018 index. It had been reported that SA’s ranking was 94. However, following an error in World Bank data, spotted and investigated by Free Market Foundation’s (FMF) Eus…

Less freedom, lower growth: What we should learn from international indices

10 Oct 18   Dr Richard J. Grant
It is a common temptation, in the months before an election, for politicians to promise the moon to those voters they fear might be attracted to the similarly lofty promises of a rival party.…

Further into the mire of socialism

25 Sep 18   Chris Hattingh
Reality can be avoided for only so long. The South African economy has slipped into its first technical recession since 2009.…

Achieving the elusive 6 per cent growth rate

19 Sep 18   Eustace Davie
In 2005, former President Mbeki committed his government to an economic growth target of 6 per cent, but only after 2010.…

A trend that builds a nation

25 Apr 18   Paul Pereira
Two major studies on poverty in South Africa have caused understandable alarums this last year.…