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Cuba is no example to follow

 22 May 19
Venezuela is proof of the miraculous impact of socialism. They took a prosperous nation and destroyed it almost overnight. That’s a problem for that other socialist paradise—Cuba…

Things are getting worse - but there’s an easy solution

 07 Nov 18
Discovery CEO Adrian Gore mentioned at the recent Leadership Summit that there is an element of “declinism” -- a pessimism about the state of one’s country -- in South Africa, and that it did not accurately represent the situation facing our country.…

Controlling the fuel price is a recipe for disaster

24 Oct 18   Martin van Staden
The Department of Energy has indicated that it is considering setting a maximum allowable price for 93 unleaded fuel as a relief measure to soothe South Africans beleaguered by unrelenting petrol price increases over recent months.…

Government wage bill: over bloated and underwhelming

17 Oct 18   Njabulo Mhlambi
South Africa was once speculated to have a government workforce larger than that of the United States.…

SAA must be euthanised to put us out of our misery

07 Sep 18   Ivo Vegter
South Africa does not need a national flag carrier to carry jet-setters and politicians.…

Capitalism is the only moral economic system ever to grace the world

07 Aug 18   Chris Hattingh
Capitalism is the only moral economic system to grace the world. It is the only moral system because it is based on individual rights and freedoms.…

Trade improves human wellbeing

02 Aug 18   James Peron
Does anyone think Americans would be richer if each of the fifty states had restrictions on trade with the other states?…