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Renewable energy is a disaster and will collapse SA’s electricity supply system

 26 Apr 19
South Africa is lurching towards another electricity disaster to make the Eskom disaster even worse.…

Misdiagnosis means Eskom’s problems will persist

 11 Mar 19
If you counted every hair on your head, that amount probably will not add up to the amount of times you have read and heard about the causes of the Eskom crisis.…

Government must take steps to unbundle Eskom

04 Mar 19   Jasson Urbach
Should government continue to dominate energy supply as is proposed in the government's latest declared plans?…

Government stealth tax to fund ailing Eskom

27 Feb 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
Officially, for the 2019/20 financial year, government will not be increasing income taxes.…

Eskom was doomed to fail. It’s core problem? Its monopoly

14 Feb 19   Mpiyakhe Dhlamini
It has become an accepted premise among some South Africans that the current government is responsible for the troubles facing Eskom, whether it is the financial position of the utility being compromised by corruption or so-called policy sabotage whe…

Media release: NERSA must give Eskom zero

05 Feb 19   FMF Media Release
Terry Markman presented the Free Market Foundation’s (FMF) oral submission at the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (NERSA) public hearings on Eskom’s tariff increase application on 5 February 2019.…

Government hubris leaves South Africans in the dark

12 Dec 18   Chris Hattingh
Industry grinds to a halt. Traffic stands gridlocked. Lights in dangerous areas go out. People sit in the dark. Whereas Christmas should usher in a time of jovial spirit, this December once again brings in load-shedding for South Africans.…

SA’s daft electricity policy: 7 myths debunked, including ‘green power’

03 Dec 18   Leon Louw
The government is currently deciding South Africa’s long-term electricity policy.…

To contain prices competition is essential in electricity markets

31 Oct 18   Eustace Davie
A market for electricity has a salutary effect on the behaviour of all the participants in the generation and supply of electricity.…