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Airline tax to pay for aids drugs

 11 May 20
The United Nations estimates that it needs more than $20 billion by the end of the decade to provide preventive education and medicines to the growing number of people infected with HIV/AIDÂ’s. In response, a group of 14 nations, led by France, has proposed a tax on airline tickets that is…

Why the NHI is bad medice for South Africa

 14 Feb 20
That there is a need to improve healthcare outcomes in South Africa is entirely obvious. Given the horrendous statistics I have shared above, there is tremendous urgency to do so.…

National Health Insurance Bill a perfect example of state overreach

14 Aug 19   Dr Johann Serfontein
The long-awaited National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill was published last week and the majority of MPs cheered. It was reminiscent of Nero, fiddling while Rome burned.…