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Media release: Restoring property rights through title deeds on Freedom Day

 30 Apr 19
On Freedom Day, 27 April 2019, a generation after the fall of Apartheid, a further 66 residents of Vukuzenzele (which means stand up and do it for yourself) in Cape Town received title deeds to properties they have occupied for decades.…

Media release: Khaya Lam Land Reform Project brings joy to township residents this festive season

 11 Dec 18
The Free Market Foundation’s (FMF) Khaya Lam Land Reform Project announced today that another 60 residents of Tumahole in the Free State will receive the title deeds to their homes bringing the total number of transfers completed to date to 3,361.…

Title deeds are simply a means to an end – security of property rights

South Africa has a history of denying property rights, especially to the poor and vulnerable.…