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Government’s ‘malicious compliance’ with socio-economic impact assessments

 03 Aug 18
Since 1 October 2015, the Cabinet of South Africa has required socio-economic impact assessments (SEIAs) to be conducted whenever Cabinet approval is required for draft policies, bills or regulations.…

Recklessly throwing taxpayer funds at court cases is unconstitutional

 25 Jul 18
With unemployment and social welfare at crisis levels and an actively shrinking economy, one would expect government to spend the little funds it forcefully extracts from taxpayers on comparatively important things,…

Media release: Subdivision and land use laws hinder land reform and are unconstitutional

23 Jul 18   FMF Media Release
Research conducted by the Rule of Law Project has found that two Acts of Parliament dealing with land use are unconstitutional and are proving to be barriers to effective land reform.…