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Icasa’s pay-TV ‘musts’ make for daft twaddle

 16 Oct 19
The Independent Communications Authority of SA’s (Icasa’s) draft sports broadcasting regulations are such incoherent babble that they should be called “daft regulations”.…

SA mining industry decimated by regulatory uncertainty

 10 Oct 19
Parliament should review the minerals and mining legislation and regulations as a first step towards having its members meet their obligations under the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution.…

Icasa sports regulations pose a threat to constitutionalism

04 Oct 19   Martin van Staden
Constitutionalists have long cringed at the mention of “public interest” or “national interest” because of their inherent vagueness. Whatever government does or politicians or officials do, is justified as being in the public interest, even though th…

Legislation by regulation undermines economic freedom

03 Oct 19   Martin van Staden
The recently published Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) annual report demonstrates that economic freedom produces prosperity, something South Africa urgently requires in abundance.…

A free society is an armed society

20 Feb 19   Martin van Staden
Section 12 of the Constitution guarantees everyone’s right to freedom and security of the person…