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We have reached our target of R1,5 Million!

Any donation made to the FMF by 24 January 2020 will have an extra 50% added to it.

Dear friends of the FMF


The free market is the only way for South Africa to become a thriving, prosperous and peaceful country. This conviction underpins all the work of the Free Market Foundation.

A generous sponsor will add 50% to your donations to the FMF during this festive season

Not only will your donation be multiplied by 1.5 but it will be tax-deductible up to 10% of your taxable income, which means that if you are in the 40% tax bracket your donation of R10,000 costs you a net R6,000 but becomes a total of R15,000 that will be working on your behalf towards changing South Africa in a free market direction – the only way our country will become thriving, prosperous and peaceful. The 50% bonus applies from the first rand. There is no minimum to qualify. Whatever you donate will be increased by 50%. No donation is too small – bear in mind that many small drops combine to make a flood.

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

R1Million Challenge Raised

Date Last Updated : 27 Jan 2020

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Date Last Updated : 27 Jan 2020


The Free Market Foundation is South Africa's oldest and foremost proponent of free market policies. These policies which are backed by 35 years of rigorous research published in the Economic Freedom of the World reports, showing that free markets deliver the best overall economic results for everyone. In free markets individuals can decide for themselves how to use their labour and talents to improve their lives. They do not have a right to the products and resources of others.


Benefits of a free market: Security of property rights, Rule of law,  independent and unbiased judiciary, impartial and effective enforcement of the law, freedom to trade, sound money, ease of doing business, small government, low taxes

Property Rights: During apartheid the FMF argued forcefully for property rights to be extended to all races.Secure property rights are an essential requirement of a free society and one of the primary responsibilities of any government is to protect people and their property from aggression by others. The intent of government to change the property rights clause in the Constitution to expropriate property without compensation will violate the fundamental property rights of all South Africans. and jeopardise the rights of black citizens who waited 78 years for the right to own property in their own country. The FMF has vigorously opposed this notion and will continue to do so. The FMF recently hosted a conference on Expropriation of Property Without Compensation (EWC) featuring speakers from Africa, Venezuela, India, the US and South Africa who urged the RSA government not to weaken property rights, especially the newly-acquired (1994) rights of black South Africans, Zimbabwe and Venezuela being examples of potential negative consequences

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

Rule of Law: The FMF’s Rule of Law Advisory Board, chaired by former Judge of the Supreme Court, Rex van Schalkwyk, and supported by a panel of eight eminent legal scholars is working to promote the proper application of the rule of law, which entrenches "The supremacy of the constitution and the rule of law” as the supreme law of South Africa. The Project is identifying legislation and regulations that are in conflict with the rule of law, adopted by Parliament (pre and post 1994), or formulated and applied by non-parliamentary bodies, with a view to having such unconstitutional provisions and regulations rectified.

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

Economic Freedom: The FMF is a member of the Economic Freedom Network, an international organisation, established by the Fraser Institute, Canada, that measures levels of economy freedom in 162 countries and brings out the Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report. Between 2000 and 2017 South Africa slipped from 47th economically free county in the world to 101st. During those 17 years, SA’s GDP per capita grew by only 74% while former communist countries surpassed SA in economic freedom rankings and per capita GDP (Bulgaria 99th to 37th +244% growth) and (Romania 98th to 28th +385% growth)

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

Health Policy Unit: The FMF Health Policy Unit (HPU), under the guidance and support of experts in the healthcare field, has been the only consistent and often the lone voice speaking out on government’s plans to nationalise healthcare in the country via the introduction of National Health Insurance (NHI), plans that the country cannot afford. The HPU urges government to devote its limited health budget to financing services for the poor, to purchase an increasing percentage of those services from private providers, and to allow and encourage the rapid growth of the private health care sector, enabling it to supply quality health services to an increasing percentage of the population.

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

Land Reform: The FMF’s Khaya Lam (My House) Land Reform Project has converted and is in the process of converting, in partnership with an increasing number of municipalities, a total of 5,951 municipal owned rental houses to full freehold tradable title in the hands of the occupants, at a total cost to generous donors of R11 million. The assets of the new householders will have increased by an estimated R714 million. A donation of R2,350 currently pays for the titling of one home.

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

The free market is the only way to rapidly reduce SA’s mass unemployment: In a free market there would not be legislation, such as the minimum wage laws, or the high level of job security incorporated in labour legislation, which prevents job seekers from entering into agreements with employers on mutually agreeable terms. The free market way to get SA’s 10,3 million unemployed people working is to allow them to make their own decisions as to what amount of wages and what conditions of employment they find acceptable. Exempt them from the labour laws that are causing them to be unemployed.

Donate because the Free Market is the only way!

Support the promotion of free market ideas: As a think tank the FMF is constantly putting forward ideas about solving some of South Africa’s most serious problems. Property rights, good law, freedom to work, to stop interfering with people’s personal lifestyle choices; to free the private sector from the regulatory burdens that are weighing it down and stunting economic growth; to allow the private health sector to operate without being stifled by bureaucracy, and to allow the market to operate in every other sector of the economy.

Help us to encourage positive change.

My best wishes for a happy and peaceful festive season.


Ayanda Khumalo


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