Capitalism is Consent

  • 4 minute eye opening video by Alli Yaff.
  • Defining feature of capitalism is consent.
  • Capitalism is not defined by competition (as its defenders say).
  • Nor is it defined by exploitation (as its detractors say).
  • Under capitalism society lives by producing services and goods that others will buy.
  • Consent is important in capitalism. When two or more people consent, then there is a good reason to believe that they were both benevolent.
  • If either participant in a consensual transaction did not value what they were getting out of that, then they would not have consented.

Further Reading:

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
The Libertarian Mind by David Boaz
“A Theory of Liberty” in Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard
Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard
The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hans Herman Hoppe
Economic Freedom and Interventionism by Ludwig Von Mises
Free Trade and other Fundamental Doctrines of the Manchester School edited by Francis W. Hirst (1820).