Submission on Demographic Trends to NDP

01 April 2012
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National Development Plan



The NDP diagnostic report pays welcome and long overdue attention to positive accomplishments since 1994. Critics might accuse the Commission of exaggeration. On the contrary, the definitive and only systematic empirical research into transformation in South Africa undertaken by Vivian Atud suggests that there is a curious tendency to understate what has been achieved, especially by ordinary black South Africans taking advantage spontaneously and independently of their newfound liberty. A paradigm has emerged whereby only what is done for blacks by policy initiatives is acknowledged and the much greater and more impressive accomplishment by blacks doing things for themselves is virtually ignored. As is clear from Atud’s work, there has been a remarkable amount of “spontaneous” transformation and black advancement which we overlook at our peril. This should be acknowledged and we should learn from it which factors to cherish and enhance rather than erode and undermine unwittingly.


Leon Louw

Executive Director

Free Market Foundation

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