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Corporate membership guidelines

Corporate membership subscriptions are fixed on a voluntary basis by members themselves, taking into account the size of their companies and the extent to which they wish to support the dissemination of free market ideas.

Senior corporate members

Contributions by larger companies vary between R100,000 and R250,000 per annum, whilst medium sized companies contribute R50,000 to R100,000 and small companies between R20,000 and R50,000.

Corporate members

Corporate members who do not wish to contribute at the Senior Corporate level pay subscriptions varying between the minimum of R5,000 and R20,000.

Tax deductibility

The FMF is of the view that subscriptions paid by Corporate members are deductible from taxable income in terms of Section 11(a) of the Income Tax Act as being expenditure incurred in the production of income on the basis that the FMF is employed by members to promote a market economy in which they earn higher profits.

Section 18A approved Public Benefit Organisation

The FMF is a section 18A approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO Exemption No 930 017 343) and donations in cash or kind to the FMF are tax deductible in the hands of donors. Companies can donate and deduct a maximum of 10% of their taxable incomes to Section 18A approved public benefit organisations.

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